Common Lower Extremity Conditions We Treat
Sports Medicine Injuries
Credibility. At Foot and Ankle Associates, we “walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk” with athletes of all levels and sports- from youth to amateur to professional. Having achieved the highest level of becoming a “Fellow” of the American College of Sports Medicine, Dr. Werd has personally completed numerous national cycling centuries and marathons – including Boston – and more than 100+ triathlons, including the 2011 Hawaii Ironman World Championship in Kona.

Foot and ankle injuries
Foot and ankle injuries are among the most common sports, and we take pride in specializing in sports medicine. Our team’s focus is on returning you back to sports as quickly and safely as possible. Some of the more common foot and ankle sports injuries include: plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, ankle instability, Achilles tendon pain, shin splints, peroneal tendonitis, stress fractures, posterior tibial tendonitis, anterior tibial tendonitis, neuromas, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and metatarsalgia. Gait problems can also cause Ilio-Tibial Band (ITB) syndrome, patellar tendonitis, back pain, hip pain and piriformis syndrome. Medications, injections, splinting, orthotic devices, shoe and sock recommendations, and/or physical therapy are often quite helpful in treating most injuries. Our doctors will accurately diagnose, discuss your injury and treatment options, and prescribe a course of treatment that will return you to your sport stronger than when your injury occurred.

Heel and Arch Pain
Heel pain is most often caused by plantar fasciitis - a condition that is sometimes also called heel spur syndrome. Call our experienced doctors to learn more about your condition and treatment options at 863/687-3404 or go to our Heel Pain Center of Excellence website for more information.

Diabetic Foot Care and Prevention
Diabetic patients are at high-risk for ulcers, infections, and lower extremity amputations. Routine preventive care, such as having a professional trim your toenails and prescribe custom fitted diabetic shoes can help significantly decrease a diabetic patient’s risk of foot pathology. The most common reason diabetics are hospitalized in the United States is foot infections. Poor circulation and lack of feeling - known as peripheral neuropathy – can be dangerous and devastating to your feet.

Children’s Foot and Ankle Problems
Many children suffer from foot and ankle related pain. Foot and ankle treatment is different for children than adults. Some of children’s problems are due to inherited or congenital foot deformities, while others are due to overuse injuries from sports. Many skin and toenail problems also plague children. We have the experience and training to treat pediatric foot and ankle problems from birth through adolescence in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Skin and Nail Problems
Skin and toenail problems can be extremely annoying and painful. Corns and calluses; itchy, sweaty, smelly feet; ingrown toenails; warts; and fungal infections like tinea pedis (athlete’s foot) and onychomycosis (toenail fungus) can lead to much bigger foot problems. Diabetic infections and ulcerations can lead to amputation and death! Don't ignore dermatology problems in your feet! Our doctors can help you with life's little annoyances and make sure you don't end up with a major pain in your foot due to skin and nail problems. State of the art treatments are now available for toenail fungus! You don't have to live with ugly toenails any more!

General Foot and Ankle Problems, and many more…
Foot pain is extremely prevalent in our society. Pain can be from flat feet or a high arched foot and associated gait problems; or be from a progressive deformity like a bunion or a hammertoe. Other conditions include soft tissue injuries, tumors, and tendonitis. Our doctors are extensively trained to diagnose and treat the underlying deformity to help you function at your best. We want to prevent your problems from getting worse, no matter what you inherited from your family! Foot pain is not normal, and you should not have to suffer, we will work with you to optimize your biomechanical function and aesthetics!

Nerve-Related Problems
Neurological foot and ankle issues can cause burning or shooting pain, numbness, weakness, an electrical sensation, or "pins and needles" sensations. Nerves can be affected by compression at the spine level, knee level, ankle level or in your foot. Neuropathy can be subtle nerve degeneration from aging, diabetes, and a number of other causes. Nerve issues can be progressive and get worse over time, we offer treatment to help improve your symptoms and address the causes. A proper diagnosis can lead to alleviation of your nerve troubles.

Bunions and Hammertoes
These are some of the most common and treatable conditions we see. We offer a full range of conservative treatment options, but surgery is sometimes required to correct the deformity.

Custom Foot Orthotic (CFO) Devices and Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO)
We are proud to provide pathology-specific custom foot orthotic devices, which are physician-designed to treat a myriad of foot and ankle conditions. Devices vary and can be made for athletic activities (sports orthoses), dress shoes, and now we even provide orthotic devices to be worn in certain sandals!

Surgical Reconstruction of the Foot, Ankle, and Leg
We have been providing superior surgical services for foot and ankle problems at our practice since 1961. Our physicians maintain active staff privileges and operate at both Lakeland Surgical and Diagnostic Center (LSDC) and Lakeland Regional Medical Center (LRMC) – Dr. Werd is the Chief of Podiatric Surgery Service at LRMC since 1999. Be sure to ask other doctors where they operate; some doctors require patients to travel to other cities to have surgery – we do 100% of our surgery right here in Lakeland.

Many patients are concerned that they may need foot and/or ankle surgery to fix their problems. All of our doctors are extensively surgically trained to correct your foot and ankle problems. We offer extensive non-surgical options and therapy prior to recommending surgery. Common surgeries include bunions, hammertoes, neuromas, ankle stabilizations, minimally invasive arthroscopic and endoscopic procedures, excision of tumors, joint replacements, ingrown toenails, fracture repair, foot and ankle fusions, tendon repair, flat foot reconstruction, repair of congenital foot deformities, and amputations. Regardless of your foot and/or ankle surgical requirement, we have a physician with comprehensive training and experience to make your surgical experience comfortable and successful!

Trauma and Fractures of the Foot and Ankle
More than just a “boo-boo”? Foot and ankle trauma is extremely common in both the young and elderly. Dr. Werd completed a prestigious “AO Fellowship” in trauma and reconstructive surgery as part of his training in Davos, Switzerland. Fractures, torn ligaments and tendons, sprains and strains, puncture wounds and toenail trauma occur every day. Our physicians can help put you back together so that you can recover from your accident as fast as possible. Waiting to seek treatment for an injury can actually make a problem worse – seek an evaluation as quickly as possible – *we do reserve a limited number of appointments each day for emergency work-in patients.

Fall Prevention Services
Foot and Ankle Associates experts are available to identify risk factors, assess fall risk and provide the latest interventions to address this devastating epidemic among our older adults.

Additional Medical Information

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